The ICX-AlphaCom Platform

Our Intelligent Communication Platform that provides IC management and security services and allows for seamless integration into the cloud and other applications.

ICX-500 Gateway

Our ICX-500 Gateway is an integrated Intelligent Communication (IC) Gateway connecting people, devices & systems at unrivaled levels of manageability, scalability, robustness and interoperability.

ICX-500 offers:

Integrated IC Management & Security

  • Streamlined and unified management

  • Built-in Cyber Security – Trusted Platform

  • Fanless design, slim & compact

Scalability & Robustness

  • State of the art quad-core processing capacity

  • Supports up to 552 IC devices per node

  • Solid design with no moving parts


  • Supports industry standards

  • Multiple Certified Platform and Device Integrations

  • Native API & Cloud connectivity

ICX-AlphaCom Core

ICX-AlphaCom Core is an Intelligent Communication Software platform that integrates seamlessly into other security and safety applications. It delivers state-of-the-art IC management and security services.

ICX-AlphaCom Core runs on the ICX-500 Gateway or other certified platforms.